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Welcome to Hunt3r

Another Recon Tools.
Hunt3r aims to simplify domain recognition by trying to combine three things :

  • Speed of scans
  • Accuracy of results
  • Ease of use of the data

Hunt3r does not want to be the most complete tool possible but the one that best fits our methodology.

In an era where everyone relies heavily on automation, this thread from Jhaddix explains perfectly why you should build a tool that fits your needs.

So before using Hunt3r ask yourself if the tool fits you. In our case the tool is mainly developed to scan a lot of targets in parallel with speed by optimizing the results and the time spent.

If your goal is to select a target and stay focused on it for a while, to have a large high quality amount of data, we recommend ReconFTW.


  • Rengine : Offers a more complete tool with many features and a really nice web interface
  • Osmedeus : Offers a more complete tool with also distributed scans
  • ReconFTW : CLI tool that certainly offers the best possible recon with distributed scans using Axiom and use previously tested tools to provide excellent results.