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Not being a developer and even if it were, it is not impossible that Hunt3r suffers from security weaknesses.
If you think you have detected a vulnerability, please contact Jomar or Serizao.

If you want to check the robustness of Hunt3r, we consider the following to be the most important security issues :

  • Bypass of the login page / JWT Check
  • Lack of control check between a classic user and an administrator
  • Bypass 'hunt3r_token' token control for external requests
  • Bypass of mesh control from outside

The following issues have already been identified but do not represent a direct risk to Hunt3r and will be corrected as development continues :

  • Path Traversal : Possible in 3 different places in the Hunt3r API
    • Limited impact, allows to overwrite some files or to know if a file exists
      • Possibly fixed, no bypass was identified but a second check should be done
  • OS Command Injection : Possible to escape the launch of the scan script and inject an arbitrary command
    • Consider as low risk / no impact because the command is executed on a fresh server without data, moreover the script is already initially intended to launch arbitrary commands ...
      • It remains preferable to correct this, for "good practices".